Combined Radiation Effects Laboratory (BREL)

Combined Radiation Effects Test Chamber (CRETC)

Type of Simulator

BREL image

Electron beam Sources, Proton beam Source,
XENON Lamp, & Deuterium VUV Lamp


Natural space radiation simulations for spacecraft materials qualification & evaluation. Produces low energy electrons, & protons, UV and VUV as one combined source or as individual beams of various energies.

Test Object Size

Exposure area of 3 X 3 inches for combined effects and larger for electrons only.

General Description

Boeing's "CRETC" is a cryopumped chamber providing space materials a "clean" test atmosphere for the exposure to the simulated space radiation environment and for the optical and thermophysical property measurements. Electron, proton, UV, and VUV beams can either be combined for simultaneous exposures or individual beams can be used for sequenced exposures. On-orbit radiation conditions are simulated by fitting the orbital depth-dose curve with a many electron/proton energy/UV step irradiation protocol.

Technical Characteristics

Electron energies

5 to 75 KeV, 1-100 nA

Proton energies

5 to 70 KeV, 100 pA to 10 nA

Xenon UV

250-400 nm, 0.8 to 1.5 equivalent UV Suns

Deuterium VUV

115-180 nm, 1-4 equivalent VUV Suns