Boeing Radiation Effects Laboratory (BREL)

BREL site

Since its inception in 1963, BREL has been supporting Boeing programs as well as outside customers in evaluating, qualifying, and testing materials and electronic devices in a radiation environment. BREL has radiation sources appropriate for simulation of both nuclear and space radiation environments.

Capabilities range from determining effects of atmospheric neutrons on commercial avionics systems, to assessing total ionizing dose (TID) and single-event effects (SEE) of cosmic rays and natural space radiation environments on electronics. Numerous simulation facilities are available both within BREL and at outside agencies to cover nearly all nuclear radiation environments associated with natural space and weapon system threats. Other services & capabilities are also available, including instrumentation and test equipment to measure the electrical parameters of circuits before and after radiation exposure. BREL performs a full range of radiation effects testing for many outside customers. Some radiation facilities are also available for contracting at competitive prices.