The Boeing 717

717-200On May 23, 2006, Boeing delivered its final two 717 airplanes to Midwest Airlines and AirTran Airways in a ceremony before thousands of employees, retirees and dignitaries in Long Beach, Calif. The deliveries conclude commercial airplane production in Southern California that began in the 1920s with the Douglas Aircraft Co.

The 717 program, which produced 156 airplanes, pioneered breakthrough business and manufacturing processes for Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

The program was launched by an order from AirTran Airways in 1995, and the airplane quickly became renowned by customers for its excellent economics, performance and reliability. Based on the Douglas DC-9 and launched as the McDonnell Douglas MD-95, the 100-seater was renamed the Boeing 717 after McDonnell Douglas and Boeing merged in 1997.

The 717 will continue to deliver unsurpassed economy and value to our airline customers for years to come. Boeing will continue to provide the outstanding customer service support for the 717s operating at carriers worldwide.

Douglas opened the Long Beach factory in 1941 as part of President Roosevelt's Arsenal of Democracy -- a request to the nation's industries to halt civilian production and assist in making wartime equipment. The facility produced almost 10,000 airplanes for World War II before transitioning to commercial airplane production after the war. Douglas merged with the McDonnell Aircraft Company in 1967, forming the McDonnell Douglas Corporation.

More than 15,000 airplanes have been produced in the Long Beach factory.

Progam Snapshot

Model: First Order: Rollout: First Flight: Certification: First Delivery: In Service: First Airline in service: Last Delivery:
717-200 10/19/95 06/10/98 09/02/98 09/01/99 09/23/99 10/12/99 AirTran Airways 05/23/06