The Boeing 737-700ER

The 737-700ER (Extended Range) is an increased gross weight version of the 737-700. Launched Jan. 31, 2006, with an order conversion for two airplanes from ANA (All Nippon Airways), the 737-700ER has the longest range capability of any commercial 737 family member. Aerodynamic and structural changes initially made for the Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) allow the 737-700ER to profitably serve nonstop, long-range point-to-point routes. Entry into service is scheduled for early 2007.

Major Changes

  • The wings and landing gear of the 737-800
  • Wing and body strengthening changes
  • Up to nine optional auxiliary fuel tanks
  • Optional Blended Winglets


  • Flies up to 2,145 nautical miles farther than a 737-700
  • Capable of trans-oceanic flights with the maximum range of 5,510 nautical miles (10,200 km)
  • Maximum takeoff weight increased by 16,500 lb (7,485 kg)

Technical Specifications

  • Wingspan w/winglets 117 feet 5 inches (35.7 meters)
  • Cabin width 11 feet 7 inches (3.53 meters)
  • Overall length 110 ft 4 in (33.6 m)
  • Tail height 41 feet 2 inches (12.5 meters)