The Boeing Next-Generation 737 Family

Boeing Sky Interior Delivers on Next-Generation 737s

Inspired by the travel experience

737 Next Generation interior (Neg#: K65056-02)
Photo courtesy of Malaysia Airlines

For the Next-Generation 737 there is always something on the horizon. The 737 Boeing Sky Interior delivers a passenger-pleasing interior that airlines are using to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Passengers will instantly see and feel the difference.

New interior creates welcoming entry

The airport experience fades away as passengers step from the narrowing jet way across the airplane's threshold. Cove lighting and curving architecture create a distinctive entry way. It's the passenger's first opportunity to experience the difference -- a soft blue sky overhead simulated by light emitting diode (LED) lighting and a more open cabin.

Passengers can store more bags

With stowage bins that are designed to accommodate more bags overall, more people can store their luggage closer to their seats. The bins pivot up and out of the way, adding to the open feel of the cabin. With more bags stowed above, there is more leg room below.

Passenger service units more intuitive

Passengers reaching for the reading light switch will be less likely to select the attendant call button thanks to a different look and more separation between these buttons.

Service units also feature an integrated speaker with improved sound quality and LED reading lights. LED lights are more efficient and longer lasting - lasting 10 times longer than traditional light bulbs - reducing maintenance costs for airlines.

Inspired décor

Modern, sculpted sidewalls and window reveals direct the passengers' eyes to the view outside the window — the place where passengers say they most experience the thrilling sense of flying.

Attendant controls modernized

Cabin crews will find the modernized, touch-screen attendant panel easier to use. The panel accommodates all existing cabin controls and those for the new cabin lighting.

First deliveries began in late 2010

Dubai-based flydubai received the first Next-Generation 737 with the new Boeing Sky Interior in October 2010. The popular passenger-inspired 737 Boeing Sky Interior reached a milestone in November 2012 with delivery of the 500th Boeing Sky Interior, a 737-800 delivered to Panama-based customer, Copa Airlines.

More than 85 percent of Boeing's backlog of more than 3,400 Next-Generation 737s and 737 MAXs will be delivered with the Boeing Sky Interior. The Boeing Sky Interior will be standard on the 737 MAX.