The Value of Technology on the 737
Technology Benefits Available on Next-Generation 737 Family? Available on A320 Family?
Blended winglets Enhance range, fuel efficiency and takeoff performance while lowering engine maintenance costs and noise. Yes No
Fly by wire Can eliminate mechanical systems to lighten airplane weight, but can also increase maintenance costs and reduce dispatch reliability, depending on design. No Yes
Global Positioning Landing System Opens new airports and runways using a highly accurate satellite-based landing system. Yes No
Heads-up display Enhances safety and minimizes delays by providing eye-level flight and safety information to the flight crew. HUD provides the capability to take off and land when visibility is low. Yes 2006
Integrated Approach Navigation Enhances landing approach capability by simplifying pilot procedures and potentially reducing the number of approach procedures. Yes No
Liquid crystal display (LCD) Improves readability of flight information. LCDs weigh less, require less power and generate less heat, which contributes to greater reliability and a longer service life. Yes No
Navigation Performance Scales Minimizes flight delays and increases airspace capacity by allowing the airplane to navigate through a narrower flight path with higher accuracy using vertical and horizontal indicators to provide precise position awareness. Yes No
Quiet Climb Reduces noise and pilot workload during takeoff by providing automatic and consistent power management over noise-sensitive areas. Yes No
Side stick Alternative to the control wheel. Existing commercial side sticks offer no visual or tactile cues to the pilot and must have restrictive performance limits. No Yes
Vertical Situation Display Enhances safety by showing the current and predicted flight path of the airplane and indicating potential conflicts with terrain. Yes No