The Boeing 747-400 Family: The Right Choice fr the Large Airplane Market

Interior Design

747 interiorBoeing redesigned the interior of the 747-400 to improve passenger comfort, convenience and appeal.

Ceiling and sidewall panels were recontoured with new, lighter weight materials that provide an open, airy look. Passenger stowage capacity increased to 15.9 cubic feet (0.4 cu m) in each 60-inch (152 cm) outboard stowage bin, or 2.9 cubic feet (0.08 cu m) per passenger.

New laminate materials were designed to meet Boeing fireworthiness goals. A new thermoplastic blend reduces smoke and toxicity levels in the event of fire, and upper-deck ceiling panels are made of improved polyester and phenolic sheet molding materials instead of polyester.

An optional cabin crew rest area uses space in the rear of the fuselage above the aft lavatories. This area, which can be configured for eight bunks and two seats, provides privacy as well as comfort for off-duty flight attendants. By relocating the crew rest to this area, 10 more profit-making seats are available on the main deck of the airplane.