Boeing 747-400 Freighter Family: The World's Best Freighters

A Freighter With Many Uses

The first 747 Freighter, the 747-200F, could easily carry 100 tons (90,000 kg) across the Atlantic Ocean or across the United States. Its operating costs were 35 percent less per ton-mile than the 707s that were configured as freighters.

Boeing delivered 73 of the 747-200 Freighters between 1972 and 1991. In addition, more than 150 747s have been converted into freighters after serving many productive years as passenger planes. About 250 747 freighters are in service today.

In addition, Boeing completed modifications to 19 existing 747-100s to Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF) configurations in 1990. If called into service by the Air Force, the all-passenger commercial planes can be converted to cargo service in less than 48 hours. These 747s have been used to carry troops, bulk and oversized cargo during military operations, including Operation Desert Storm.