Boeing 77-400ER Family: More Payload, More Range, More Revenue for the World's Favorite Airplane

747-400ER Passenger Version

The first 747-400ER rolled out at a special ceremony at the Boeing Everett, Wash., factory on June 17.

The 747-400ER is the Boeing answer to customer demand for a more capable 747-400 that has new features and is easy to integrate into existing fleets.

  • The 747-400ER has an increased takeoff weight of 910,000 pounds (412,770 kg).
  • This allows operators to fly about 410 nautical miles (760 km) farther or carry up to 15,000 pounds (6,800 kg) more payload, either in the form of extra cargo or a full load of 416 passengers.
  • The 747-400ER passenger airplane has a range of 7,670 nautical miles (14,205 km).
  • This version also could be developed as a Combi airplane, with passenger seating in the forward section and cargo in the aft main deck.

Passenger Version Has New Boeing Signature Interior

747 interiorThe 747-400ER cabin is distinguished by a new curved, upswept architecture known as the Boeing Signature Interior.

This Boeing Signature interior provides a more spacious and pleasing appearance and the installation of 777-style overhead "pivot" bins increases stowage.

  • Passengers will also appreciate the lavatory enhancements found in the new interior.
  • 747-400ER passengers will enjoy 15 percent more volume for carry-on items. The new bins have been designed to accommodate over 30 percent more popular roll-aboard bags.
  • The upper deck of the 747-400ER has more than 100 percent more space for carry-on bags.

The Boeing Signature Interior is standard on the 747-400ER and optional on the 747-400.