Boeing 747-400ER Family: More Payload, More Range, More Revenue for the World's Favorite Aiplane

Comparisons to Baseline 747-400

The 747-400ER airplanes, both passenger and freighter, will have the same familiar shape as the baseline 747-400.

  • The passenger version also has an auxiliary fuel tank (and a second optional auxiliary tank) located in the lower lobe's forward cargo compartment.
  • Both 747-400ER airplanes incorporate strengthened fuselage, landing gear, and parts of its wing, along with new, larger tires.
  • The extended-range airplanes will have the same advanced flight deck as the baseline 747-400, and will also introduce enhancements such as new, more reliable Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) and cockpit noise reductions to the 747-400 Family.

From an operations and maintenance perspective, the 747-400ER airplanes are virtually identical -- using the same spare parts pool, and sharing the same type rating for pilots.