757-200 Freighter

The Boeing 757 freighter is a derivative of the twin-engine 757-200 passenger jetliner. It is similar in external appearance except for the lack of passenger windows and doors.

The 757-200 Freighter is a dedicated freighter designed to accept up to 15 cargo containers on its main deck. Major features include a large side cargo door in the forward fuselage, a single crew entry door just ahead of it and a windowless freighter interior measuring 6,600 cubic feet of cargo space on the main deck. Additional freight can be carried in the lower holds located forward and aft of the wing.

The freighter retains the same fuel efficiency as the 757-200 passenger model. It also shares similarities with the Boeing 767, such as an advanced flight deck, air-conditioning packs and auxiliary power units. The Federal Aviation Administration has granted a common type rating for pilots meaning that pilots can fly the 757, 757-200 Freighter or 767 with minimal new training.

Powerplants for the 757PF are the Pratt & Whitney PW2000 series and the Rolls Royce RB211-535E4 and E4-B engines.