The Boeing 767 Family: The Right Choice for the Environment

Breathe easy with the 767

You can breathe easy with the 767 family. 767s produce less pollutant emissions per pound of fuel than any comparably sized jetliner. When combined with the fact that the 767 also burns significantly less fuel, the 767 is truly the "clear" winner. The 767 family is cleaner than industry standards for all categories of emissions - nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, smoke and carbon monoxide.

Chart: The 767 Family is Clean (PDF)

It's beyond dispute - 767s are quiet

While debate continues over the best way to reduce noise, one fact is beyond dispute: The 767 family is quiet, and the newest family members, such as the 767-400ER, are the quietest of all. As more and more airports impose noise restrictions, the 767 family's quiet profile and low-ramp noise means lower environmental fees, more flexible flight tracks and happier airport neighbors.

Chart: The 767 Family is Quiet for the Future (PDF)

767s burn less fuel

The 767 family of airplanes is the right size for the middle airplane market (200-250 seat airplanes). Lighter and more efficient than competing jetliners, the 767 family burns less fuel, for better environmental performance and improved operating economics.

Altogether, the 767 family gives airlines more ways to save money, conserve resources, and limit environmental impacts.