The Boeing 777 Family: Preferred by Passengers and Airlines Around the World

Boeing Signature Interior

Boeing 777 Business Class Interior

The 777 interior offers operators unsurpassed configuration flexibility. A typical 777 configuration change is expected to take as little as 72 hours, while it can take two to three weeks on other airplanes.

Large overhead compartments provide passengers with increased stowage capacity. Outboard as well as center stowage units are designed to open downward for convenient loading. When closed, they allow ample overhead clearance.

For improved, more efficient in-flight service, the 777 is equipped with an advanced cabin management system. Linked to a computerized control console, the cabin management system assists cabin crews with many tasks and allows airlines to provide new services for passengers, including a digital sound system comparable to the most state-of-the-art home stereo or disc players.

A 1992 Industrial Design Excellence Award was awarded to the passenger cabin of the new Boeing 777 jetliner, the first time the Industrial Designers Society of America honored an airplane interior.

Surveys of passengers on long-range routes continue to show that those passengers prefer to travel on the 777 compared to other available airplanes.