Maximizing Boeing 777 Revenue Potential: Overhead Space Utilization Introduces New Opportunities For Airlines
777-200ER/-200LR Overhead Flight Attendant Rest Area
777-200ER/-200LR/-300ER Overhead Flight Crew Rest

Boeing is offering its 777 customers new innovations that take advantage of the space in the overhead area of the airplane -- the area located between the top of the stow bins and the crown of the airplane.

These innovations will allow operators to use the overhead space for crew rest stations and storage. Locating crew rest stations and storage in the overhead areas of the airplane allows the main and lower decks to be used for generating revenue, such as increased passenger seating or cargo capacity.

By utilizing the overhead space, the 777-200ER (Extended Range) and 777-200LR (Longer-Range) can save up to four passenger seats and four cargo containers, and the 777-300ER saves up to seven seats and six cargo containers. This frees up the seat and cargo space and results in additional revenue potential.