Maximizing Boeing 777 Revenue Potential: Overhead Space Utilization Introduces New Opportunities For Airlines

Understanding Changing Needs

777 interior
777-200ER/ -200LR/ -300ER Mid-Cabin Overhead Flight Attendant Rest

Today, the need for maximizing the earning potential of all flights is leading airlines to ask for new crew rest and storage solutions.

Unique Design

The unique design of the Boeing 777, with its larger diameter and circular shape, provides space for innovative solutions.

None of the Airbus models currently flying have the spacious cross section required to accommodate overhead solutions for crew rest or storage needs. Consequently, the Airbus twin-aisle airplanes must use up valuable cargo and passenger seating areas for crew rest areas.

Supporting Structure Changes

The 777's current design has supporting structure, ducts, wires and utility accommodations in this area. To accommodate crew rests some systems are being rerouted while others are being redesigned.

Product development and engineering teams have worked with airlines to develop configurations that open up space in several areas of the overhead, or crown. And numerous airlines joined with Boeing to review the designs and mockups that show various features.