International Team Facts

The 787 Team consists of:

Company/Business UnitMain Location787 Work Statement
Boeing Commercial Airplanes (announced Nov and Dec 2003) Washington Airplane development, integration, final assembly, program leadership
Alenia Aeronautica (announced Nov. 2003) Italy Horizontal stabilizer, center fuselage
Boeing Charleston (announced as Vought Aircraft Industries Nov. 2003) South Carolina Aft fuselage
Boeing Fabrication (announced Nov 2003) Washington, Canada, Australia Vertical tail assembly, movable trailing edges, wing-to-body fairing, interiors
Spirit Aerosystems Inc. (announced as Boeing-Wichita Nov 2003; Apr 2004) Kansas, Oklahoma Fixed and movable leading edges, flight deck, part of forward fuselage, engine pylons
Fuji Heavy Industries (announced Nov 2003) Japan Center wing box, integration of the center wing box with the main landing gear wheel well
Kawasaki Heavy Industries (announced Nov 2003) Japan Main landing gear wheel well, main wing fixed trailing edge, part of forward fuselage
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (announced Nov 2003) Japan Wing box
Hamilton Sundstrand (announced Feb 2004, Mar 2004, Jul 2004, Sep 2004) Connecticut Auxiliary power unit, environmental control system, remote power distribution units, electrical power generating and start system, primary power distribution, nitrogen generation, ram air turbine emergency power system, electric motor hydraulic pump subsystem
Rockwell Collins (announced Feb 2004, Jun 2004) Iowa Displays, communications/ surveillance systems, pilot control system
Honeywell (announced Feb 2004, Jul 2004, Dec 2004) Arizona Navigation, maintenance/crew information systems, flight control electronics, exterior lighting
GE Aviation (formerly Smiths Aerospace) (announced Feb. 2004, Jun. 2004) United Kingdom Common core system, landing gear actuation and control system, high lift actuation system
Goodrich (announced Mar 2004; Apr 2004, Jun 2004, Nov 2004, Dec 2004) North Carolina Fuel quantity indicating system, nacelles, proximity sensing system, electric brakes, exterior lighting, cargo handling system
Messier-Dowty (announced Mar 2004) France Landing gear structure
Dassault Systèmes (announced Feb 2004) France Global collaboration tools/software
Boeing Interiors Responsibility Center (announced Mar 2004) Washington Interior
Eaton Aerospace (formerly FR-HiTemp) (announced Mar 2004) United Kingdom Pumps and valves
Rolls-Royce (announced April 2004) United Kingdom Engines
General Electric (announced Apr 2004) Ohio Engines
Boeing Propulsion Systems Division (announced Apr 2004) Washington Propulsion systems engineering and procurement services
Moog Inc. (announced May 2004) New York Flight control actuators
Kidde Technologies (announced May 2004) North Carolina Fire protection system
Toray Industries (announced May 2004) Washington Prepreg composites
Thales (announced Jul 2004, Aug 2004, Sep 2005) France Electrical power conversion, integrated standby flight display, in-flight entertainment system
Labinal (announced Jul 2004) France Wiring
Parker Hannifin (announced Sep 2004) Ohio Hydraulic subsystem
Messier-Bugatti (announced Nov 2004) France Electric brakes
Latecoere (announced Nov 2004) France Passenger doors
Monogram Systems (announced Nov 2004) California Water and waste system
Air Cruisers (announced Nov 2004) New Jersey Escape slides
Delmia Corp. (announced Nov 2004) Michigan Software
Intercim (announced Nov 2004) Minnesota Software
Panasonic (announced Dec 2004, Nov 2005) Japan Cabin services system, in-flight entertainment system
Bridgestone (announced Dec 2004) Japan Tires
Ultra Electronics Holdings (announced Dec 2004) United Kingdom Wing ice protection system
GKN Aerospace (announced Dec 2004) United Kingdom Composite mat for the wing ice protection system
Korry Electronics (announced Jan 2005) Washington Flight-deck control panels
Ipeco (announced Apr 2005) United Kingdom Flight-deck seats
Diehl Luftfahrt Elektronik (announced Apr 2005) Germany Main cabin lighting
Jamco (announced Apr 2005, May 2005) Japan Lavatories, flight deck interiors, flight deck door and bulkhead assembly, galleys
C&D Zodiac (announced Apr 2005) Washington Sidewalls, window reveals, cargo linings, door linings and door surrounds
Securaplane (announced Apr 2005) Arizona Wireless emergency lighting system
Donaldson Company, Inc. (announced May 2005) Minnesota Air purification system
Astronautics Corp. of America (announced May 2005) Wisconsin Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)
CTT Systems (announced Aug 2005) Sweden Zonal Drying system
PFW (announced Oct 2005) Germany Metallic tubing and ducting
Saab Aerostructures (announced Oct 2005) Sweden Large cargo doors, bulk cargo doors and access doors
Korean Airlines - Aerospace Division (announced Oct 2005) Korea Raked wing tips for the 787-8
PPG Aerospace (announced Dec. 15, 2005) Alabama Electrochromic windows
Vought Aircraft Industries (announced July 2009) Texas Longerons, stringers, shear ties, and frame assemblies