Fleet Services

In-Service Data Program

Shared Data Brings Better Solutions Critical for cost-effective fleet support

In-Service Data ProgramFleet data shared by airline customers is critical to Boeing's commitment to provide cost-effective fleet support. When customers provide ongoing operational information, Boeing is better equipped to make cost-effective safety, performance, maintenance, and modification recommendations.

Participants in this flexible, confidential program compile data on as many as nine primary service reliability areas (defined in Air Transport Association SPEC2000, Chapter 11) and send it to Boeing through MyBoeingFleet.com. In addition to providing a broad-based source of fleet data, it gives operators an opportunity to focus attention on issues that address their individual needs.

Many Boeing customers also take advantage of a special data-sharing opportunity called the In-Service Data Program (ISDP). ISDP allows participants to view data compiled by individual, participating airlines, some of which have fleets and operating environments comparable to their own. Use of this data is restricted to improving operating performance.

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