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Airplane Turn-Time Analysis

The Route to Efficient and Safe Ramp Operations

Turntime improvements produce revenue advantages - Efficient, dependable ramp operations directly affect your passengers' satisfaction with your airline. Turntime analysis can help you maximize schedule punctuality, minimize passenger loading times, speed baggage unloading, and provide superior cabin cleanliness on every flight.

Identify and eliminate ramp operation inefficiencies - Whether for a particular airport or for a particular airplane model, the Boeing turntime analysis team will help you achieve a smooth, repeatable, and safe process. The team visits your site to capture detailed records on every aspect of your ramp operations. Using proven analytical methods and standards, the team will report on how to improve individual tasks and coordinate multiple tasks to permit optimum turntimes.

Turntime analyses help you fine-tune all your ramp operations

Ramp operations diagram

  • Passenger boarding and deplaning
  • Cargo loading and unloading
  • Fueling
  • Galley servicing
  • Cabin grooming
  • Potable water replenishment
  • Meal and beverage provisioning
  • Preflight check
  • Deicing

We'll work with you to develop comprehensive solutions that incorporate airline maintenance, airline policy, and government regulatory requirements, as well as ground-support equipment availability.

Turntime analysis can benefit the entire fleet - Boeing can perform turntime analysis for any airplane type, from any manufacturer, helping you keep your fleet in the air, earning revenue.

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