Fleet Services

Reliability Analysis

Extract full value from routine maintenance data
Boeing will analyze data gathered throughout customers' maintenance organizations to reveal the causes of recurrent equipment problems, planning issues, scheduling conflicts, and procedural difficulties.

Boeing will develop a customized reliability program that will help customers:

  • Meet FAA and other regulatory requirements.
  • Eliminate redundant and ineffective maintenance practices.
  • Reduce no-fault-found occurrences.
  • Reduce fleet maintenance costs.
  • Reduce maintenance and down time.
  • Increase airplane availability.
  • Reduce time from problem identification to corrective action.

Integrate the diverse sources of maintenance information. Working together with airline specialists, Boeing will develop a process to capture the necessary maintenance information from sources including aircraft technical logs, component shop reports, engine shop reports, and base and line maintenance data. Boeing will provide an ATA number for the airline to code the captured data.

Match the analysis to an airline's operation and fleet size. The reliability program will be tailored to the size of a customer's fleet and maintenance operation. Boeing will advise on how to identify unacceptable performance and adverse trends. Boeing will set up a communication network, consisting of key airline management and technical personnel, to determine corrective actions.

Improve management visibility. Boeing will design reports and displays to help the Reliability Control Board interpret the standard charts that alert management to adverse trends in the aircraft and operational environment. The airline may, of course, choose the computer system that will be used to process the data.

Implement effective corrective action. Under a sustaining reliability program, Boeing will work with an airline to determine the appropriate corrective action based on whether the discrepancy is due to systems, structures, components, workscope, processes, procedures, or the operational environment. Boeing will help amend an airline's maintenance procedures to escalate or de-escalate maintenance intervals or to add or delete tasks from a program. Boeing will consolidate all new procedures and revisions into the reliability program document in accordance with all regulatory agency requirements. Boeing can also integrate the latest component tracking systems and bar coding technology into a reliability program.

A full-spectrum maintenance engineering service provider. Whether an airline's requirement is large or small, Boeing is ready to travel to the customer's site to help maintenance operation achieve optimum performance, safety, and economy.

For more information, please contact:
E-mail: MEPservices@boeing.com