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Analysis to Make the Right Decision

ModEvaluator helps airplane operators review service bulletins and learn how any suggested modifications to the airplane or fleet will affect maintenance and operations costs. Available on MyBoeingFleet.com, this tool to give owners the means to quickly and accurately access the financial impact of modifications on their fleet.

Customized analyses. ModEvaluator is completely customizable. It uses a customer's fleet and cost information to represent the actual operating environment.

Data is consistent across the airline. Everyone in the company can perform analytical tasks using identical methods and the same tool. The customer gets a consistent set of reports for review, including an executive summary, a modification cost impact report, a break-even report, and a cost summary report, making it easy to come to a final decision. ModEvaluator provides net-present-value reports for effective evaluation of return on investment. It also allows analysis on one part of a system or an entire system, or whatever the modification may require.

A tool that lowers customers' costs. ModEvaluator helps customers make good business decisions about modifications. It also helps in performing engineering trade studies and comparing options. Customers can save money by avoiding needless expenses and identifying when equipment changes can make the business more profitable. Customers also spend less time and money in the decision-making process.

It's easy. ModEvaluator uses a step-by-step format that's easy to learn and easy to use. It lets a customer know if data is missing, continuously checks input for inconsistencies, and allows users to add comments directly on the page to improve communication within an organization.

Airline data is secure. Every airline customer gets a high level of security and access control.

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