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AOG Services

We handle every aspect of an airplane on ground event to get the airplane back in the air quickly

Our technical experts will provide on-site, comprehensive, and integrated assistance to recover a disabled airplane. Our goal is to recover damaged airplanes using methods and procedures that avoid costly secondary damage. Boeing recovery experts have accumulated experience from numerous airplane recoveries around the world. We use these prior experiences and our technical expertise to assist our customers in carrying out a successful recovery operation.

Our airplane recovery team offers:

  • On-site technical support to recover Boeing airplanes.
  • Consultation on appropriate recovery equipment and methods for the customer's operations.
  • Airplane recovery documents that provide critical information such as lifting, tethering, transporting, and other needed data to recover Boeing-manufactured airplanes.
  • Training on aircraft recovery and establishing an airplane recovery team.

For more information, please contact:
E-mail: TheBoeingEdge@boeing.com