Fleet Services

Blended Winglets

Improving operating performance

The wing modification was designed with retrofit in mind. Aviation Partners Boeing are leaders in advanced blended winglet technology. Blended winglets offer a simple and elegant solution to measurably improving operational and economic benefits to our customers.

  • Mission block fuel is improved by approximately 4 percent.
  • Range capability is increased by as much as 200 nmi on the Boeing Business Jet and 130 nmi on the 737-800.
  • The reduction in takeoff flap drag during the second segment of the climb allows increased payload capability at takeoff-limited airports.

Performance enhanced Blended Winglet technology has succeeded in the marketplace because it produces measurable benefits on a scale unheard of in the history of aircraft capability improvement. The world aviation community has recognized that Blended Winglet technology not only saves fuel, but it modernizes aircraft and makes them perform better.

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