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InFlight Optimization Services

Saving fuel and reducing emissions through innovative operations procedures and communication channels

InFlight Optimization Services are subscription offerings to help airlines save fuel and increase environmental efficiency. InFlight Optimization Services are designed to be implemented within current air traffic and airline operating procedures using existing communication channels. No regulatory changes and little or no new equipment are needed. The services, Wind Updates and Direct Routes, supply real-time information to airlines and their flight crews. This allows for adjustments to be made en route to optimize for current weather information and air traffic conditions.

InFlight Optimization Services

Wind Updates increases fuel efficiency and improves aircraft performance by sending datalink messages directly to the flight deck with real-time, flight-customized wind information. These messages enable the airplane's flight management computer to recalculate flight control inputs based on the most accurate and precise information available. Wind Updates delivers a fleetwide solution using existing onboard equipment and requires minimal investment.

Direct Routes automatically alerts an airline's operations center and flight crew every time a simple, more fuel-efficient path opens up along the intended route of flight. To increase the likelihood of air traffic controller approval and to keep workload to a minimum, the advisories are pre-checked for traffic conflicts, wind conditions, established airspace constraints, and other factors.

To learn more about how InFlight Optimization Services can boost fuel efficiency, click here, view our video on Wind Updates.

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