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Performance-based navigation

An integrated approach to designing, developing and deploying precision navigation

Boeing pioneered precision satellite navigation as early as 1996. The air traffic management system of the future will rely on performance-based navigation (PBN) for its proven ability to maximize satellite navigation with modern aircraft capabilities. The result is enhanced safety, increased capacity, maximized fuel efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

Boeing and subsidiary, Jeppesen, offer a comprehensive suite of performance-based navigation products and services:

Performance based navigation
  • PBN Roadmap, in accordance with ICAO mandate
  • Required Navigation Performance (RNP) AR Application Development
  • PBN Instrument Flight Procedure Design and Implementation
  • RNP AR Flight Crew and Dispatcher Training
  • RNP AR Equipment Upgrade
  • RNP Navigation Database Validation
  • RNP Availability Prediction
  • Regulator, ATC, and ANSP coordination
  • PBN Flight Operation Safety Assessment
  • Consulting

By implementing required navigation, operators can achieve measurable benefits in enhancing safety; reducing environmental impact; and increasing profitability, efficiency, schedule reliability, flexibility, and system capacity.

To learn more about how to equip a fleet for required navigation performance, read AERO magazine.

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