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The Flight Operations organization supports customers with state of the art flight crew manuals, cabin crew manuals and authoring services. Boeing is committed to the safety and efficiency of your operations with customized products to meet your needs. Our staff is comprised of professional engineers and instructor pilots with wide-ranging technical background and training experience. We offer flexible data delivery options which can improve efficiency and add value to your airline.

Flight Attendant & Cabin Crew Manuals (FAM-CCM)

The FAM and CCM are a study and reference guide describing all pertinent cabin equipment and airplane systems for flight attendants and BBJ cabin crew members.

Flight Crew Operations Manual (FCOM) and Quick Reference Handbook (QRH)

The FCOM includes information required by the flight crew for airplane operation. The manual contains all supplementary and amplified normal operating procedures, as well as descriptions of all aircraft systems and related controls and indicators.

The QRH contains normal and emergency/non-normal checklists plus selected inflight performance data. The QRH is compact and easily useable on the flight deck.

Flight Crew Training Manuals (FCTM)

The FCTM provides model specific information and recommendations on Maneuvers and Techniques for operating that model. It contains recommended operational policies used during formal Training and provides for a basis for Standardization.

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