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Electronic Checklist

Electronic Checklist

The Electronic Checklist (ECL) is a flight deck display function used by the flight crew to accomplish normal and non-normal checklists. The checklists are contained in the ECL database installed on the airplane. The checklists are an electronic form of the checklists that are published in the Quick Reference Handbook (QRH). Boeing builds the initial ECL database for the customer's first airplane. The ECL database contains Boeing standard checklists that are modified to match the equipment configuration of the customer's airplanes.

Upon request, Boeing can also add customer-originated checklist content to the initial ECL database. The ECL database, therefore, contains both the Boeing standard checklists, plus the customer-originated content.

Boeing supports the ongoing update of the ECL database after the first airplane delivery. Updates are usually made twice a year. Boeing also offers Customer Originated Change (COC) Service. COC Service applies to the ECL database that contains Boeing standard checklists and customer-originated content, and the customer arranges for Boeing to update the ECL database for them. Boeing then updates the ECL database with Boeing-originated changes and the submitted customer-originated changes. Boeing sends the updated ECL database in airplane-loadable format to the customer.

COC Service is available by separate agreement. A full description of COC Service, including pricing details, is available upon request.