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Boeing Flight Operations provides global services and support to assist airlines with entry into service of Boeing airplanes. We help airlines expand their operations and increase safety and operational efficiency and provide certification and operational documents, performance software, performance training, safety tools, and other resources to increase safety and operational efficiency.

Boeing supplies the data and manuals that an airline needs to fly -- at the maximum levels of safety, security, and efficiency -- based on The Boeing Company's detailed engineering and design expertise. In addition, Boeing offers tools that increase efficiency by maximizing payloads and reducing fuel consumption and maintenance costs. Boeing also offers airport technology services and information to help ensure that airports and Boeing airplanes interact as effectively as possible; instructor-led and computer-based training for performance engineers; and personalized and professional customer engineering assistance to airlines with new model introductions. Boeing offers all of these services and tools to ensure a safe and efficient entry into service and continuous flight operations support for the life of the fleet.

MyBoeingFleet is Boeing's secure Internet portal, giving authorized customers access to the industry's most comprehensive range of support products and services for commercial aircraft. This business-to-business portal gets more than 500 million visits per year from thousands of users at companies worldwide. The MyBoeingFleet Flight Operations portal gives authorized customers access to flight data and documents, weight and balance manuals; flight operations symposia and conference information; and online enrollment for performance, weight and balance, and fundamental operations training courses.