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Performance Engineer Training

Instructor-led and computer-based training for performance engineers

Performance Engineer Training

Boeing offers training for Performance Engineers and Dispatchers. Training courses range from the class entitled "Performance Fundamentals" to classes for a specific airplane model. Training is intended to help operators understand how to use the performance data and software that accompanies the delivery of the airplane. Boeing ensures that training is available to all Boeing airplane operators and includes:

Fundamentals and Operations
Fundamentals and Operations courses discuss the concepts, regulations, and applications of airplane performance analysis. They cover the basic theory and practical application of jet transport flight operations, performance, and technical methods; and they prepare the student for success in higher level courses.

Performance Software
Performance Software courses focus on software tools, methods, and techniques used to analyze airplane performance. Discussion focuses on use of software tools to generate and validate operational performance for a broad range of aircraft models.

Model-Specific Performance
Model-Specific Performance courses focus on evaluation and validation of performance and operational data that is unique to a specific model. They also discuss model-specific airplane characteristics, options, and in-service operational issues of interest to operators of that airplane type.

Weight and Balance
Weight and Balance courses address weight and balance concepts and fundamentals including weight determination and tracking, usage of the Boeing Weight and Balance Manuals, and creation and usage of loading schedules for operational management of aircraft weight and balance.

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