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Technical Support

Boeing assists customers with new model introductions to ensure a safe and efficient entry into service. A flight operations engineer visits customers prior to first delivery to ensure our support is tailored to meet their unique requirements. The support package includes:

Pre-Delivery Support: A flight operations engineer can guide an airline through preparations by discussing unique requirements, training needs, operations analysis, flight planning, navigational tools and general flight operations planning.

Delivery Support: A flight operations engineer can assist with the delivery flight, provide a point of contact for initial service concerns, and offer other instructions to ensure safe and efficient flight.

Continuous In-Service Support: A flight operations engineer can provide operational support, technical assistance, on-site consultation, and communication to other Boeing organizations.

Flight Operations Support Program: In this program, Boeing sends a pilot to the customer site to provide customized operations support. The visit typically includes a one-day safety seminar, line flying observations from the jump seat, simulator training session observations, and a review of the airline's dispatch, safety, and standardization department.

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