Flight Services


Driving optimized performance, efficiency and safety -- one successful flight at a time

At any given moment, thousands of commercial airplanes are in the air. Boeing is working to ensure those flights are as efficient and safe as possible through the efforts of commercial aviation's most complete flight services portfolio. Keeping airplanes and operations running at optimum efficiency requires the most capable personnel, advanced technology, and real-time intelligent information. Boeing is uniquely positioned to provide the data, tools, and support to ensure maximum operational performance in the air and on the ground.

  • Training. Advanced data and programs, campuses, support, and services that optimize pilot, crew, and maintenance performance
  • Simulator Services. High-quality solutions supporting training center operations around the world
  • Navigation. Innovative tools for unique customer needs in navigation information, charting, and data delivery
  • Optimization Services. Solutions delivering maximum efficiency in flight operations including crew management, flight planning, and logistics
  • Flight Operations. Flight technical information, engineering, and operations support for airlines
  • Air Traffic Management. Innovative technologies and worldwide partnerships to optimize, enhance, and transform the air transport system and provide airlines in-flight, fuel-efficiency tools