Flight Services

Simulator Software Modeling and Hardware Modifications

Training device updates and upgrades maintain accuracy


Boeing offers a wide range of simulator software updates and hardware upgrades that increase the fidelity and flexibility of training devices. Boeing has the experience and capability to conduct updates across a wide range of device types, makes, and models. Services include implementation of new aerodynamics, engine and flight controls model upgrades, visual system and Electronic Flight Bag upgrades, and configuration changes.

  • Block Point Updates. Boeing offers customers Block Point Updates to keep flight simulator training devices current with the aircraft and up to date with the latest regulatory standards.
  • Configuration Updates. With implementation of the appropriate software and hardware, existing simulators can be modified for use across multiple aircraft types, which greatly increases the flexibility and training capabilities of the simulator. This could entail adding a new aircraft derivative to a simulator or adding an aircraft feature such as Blended Winglets™, thrust ratings, or engine type. Other more involved updates include changing to a completely new model of aircraft.
  • Visual System Upgrades and Replacement. Boeing offers customers complete visual upgrade solutions that address changes in regulations, airports, and simulator features (such as Electronic Flight Bag), and that address older visual systems that have become obsolete.
  • Electronic Flight Bag Retrofits. Boeing Flight Services has developed a non-aircraft, "simulated" Electronic Flight Bag solution for flight training devices--called simEFB. To meet all training requirements, the simEFB provides training centers and airlines with a lower cost solution than if aircraft hardware were used. The simulated EFB solution allows for faster customer data loads, reducing downtime in between simulator sessions; improved reliability and performance, because it is able to handle the rigors of operation in a simulator; and lower lifecycle costs for spares and operational support. simEFB is available for Next-Generation 737, 777, and 747-400 aircraft.

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