Flight Services

Flight Training

A range of training solutions for the aspiring and experienced pilot

Boeing offers an array of integrated and stand-alone pilot services throughout a global network of training campuses.

Flight Training

Boeing offers:

  • Type Rating, Qualification, and Recurrent Training. These courses are to train and transition pilots smoothly and effectively and keep them qualified to an airline's standards and procedures.
  • Pilot Development Program. The Pilot Development Program offers airlines new and creative options for successfully securing operationally ready and qualified first officers to help meet their growing pilot needs.
  • Specialty Courses in the Field of Line Operations. These include courses focused on CAT II/III, RNP/AR, and Operational Efficiency as well as Human Factors courses, including Command Leadership, Crew Resource Management/Threat, and Error Management.
  • 787 Training. Boeing has developed an advanced training program as innovative as the 787 airplane itself.
  • Web-Managed Training. Boeing Flight Services has many flight training courses available for delivery through the web, allowing students to train at their preferred location, time, and at their own pace.
  • Boeing subsidiary Jeppesen. Offers general and business aviation and specialty training.

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