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Digital Publications

Eliminate the Burden of Storing and Updating Technical Documents

The ideal solution for laptops, stand-alone PCs, and local area networks

Digital Publications

The Boeing Digital Technical Documents application maintains the familiar look and feel of paper documents, but eliminates the burden and time required to store and update them. The application complements processes and procedures that are optimized for conventional documents and is the ideal solution for laptops, stand-alone PCs, or local area networks. Boeing Digital Technical Documents provides an excellent transition to digital technology for operators who wish to gradually implement digital maintenance procedures.

The Boeing Digital Technical Documents application offers a single point of access to all of a customer's technical documents and manuals. Management of the application and data is easier and faster with the network capabilities of the software. The application can be installed on local computers or networked so that many users can access the same software. Installation of data on a network allows an operator to manage its documents in one location and ensures that team members are accessing the same and most current data.

Boeing Digital Technical Documents takes advantage of the industry-standard PDF format to provide the convenience of digital information storage. It offers navigation and retrieval features, including:

  • View/Zoom
  • Search
  • Print
  • Copy/Paste
  • Bookmarks
  • Thumbnails
  • Temporary Revisions

Specifications - Boeing Digital Technical Documents is a Microsoft Windows®-compatible application consisting of the following components:

  • Document files
  • Index file
  • Adobe Acrobat® Reader®
  • Help file
  • Installation guide


  • Ease of use - user friendly, easy to learn, straightforward to use
  • Bookmarked for easy navigation
  • Plug and Play - no modification required for most computing systems
  • Compatible with current data systems
  • Network compatible
  • Updates concurrent with paper document revision cycle
  • Application runs from local PCs or local area network
  • Data runs from CD-ROM, local PCs, or local area network


  • Temporary revisions
  • Delivered on CD-ROM
  • High-quality printouts from any PostScript® laser printer
  • Documents completely updated on a regular revision cycle

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Document Availability -- The initial availability date for Boeing Digital Data may be found here; or download the PDF (21K) for Technical Documents and MyBoeingFleet.