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Information Management

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Creating operational lift with vital information

Information ManagementBoeing Information Services uses information technology to connect airplanes to Boeing data and maximize the performance and efficiency of aviation operations. Today's airplanes generate large and growing amounts of data. When fully utilized, this information can help to increase the efficiency of maintenance stops, reduce on-the-ground time, and ultimately enhance the passenger experience.

  • Continental DataGraphics (CDG). A Boeing subsidiary, CDG delivers high-quality, low-cost maintenance information solutions to airlines and OEMs including technical data authoring software and services, eLearning solutions and engineering services. CDG manages Boeing's Illustrated Parts Catalogs, which lists more than 23 million parts supporting more than 14,000 aircraft worldwide.
  • LSAP Services: Boeing provides a suite of targeted services to help streamline and simplify the configuration management and distribution of Loadable Software Airplane Parts (LSAPs) delivered for all Boeing airplane models and other OEM airplane models. LSAP Services can help you reduce the complexity associated with processing LSAPs for your fleet.

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