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Innovative digital products and services for the aviation industry

Internet and e-Commerce

Boeing is leading the aviation industry as it migrates toward digital information management. Boeing offers a number of web-based services that provide customers with the information they need - when and where they need it - to operate and maintain airplanes and fleets. Always at the forefront of innovation and service to the customer, Boeing is continually evolving and inventing the new e-business solutions that meet customer requirements and demand.

  • Inventory Locator Service, LLC (ILS), a Boeing subsidiary, has been providing supply chain solutions for the aviation, defense, and marine industries for more than 30 years. Its extensive knowledge and experience has allowed it to design solutions that apply across the supply chain, from buying and selling parts to maintaining complex assets.
  • MyBoeingFleet is Boeing's secure Internet portal for airplane owners and operators and their service providers. It gives customers direct and personalized access to information essential to the operation of their aircraft, such as maintenance documents, engineering drawings, online ordering of spare parts, product and fleet information, value-adding software applications, and much more.
  • OEM Services leverages Boeing's industry leadership in aftermarket support to offer tailored customer and product support infrastructure solutions to other aviation original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). From web portal services to field service operations, a team of Boeing professionals helps OEMs assess their overall needs and establish a world-class customer support function.

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