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Business-to-business portal offers comprehensive range of products and services

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MyBoeingFleet is Boeing's secure Internet portal, giving authorized customers access to the industry's most comprehensive range of support products and services for commercial aircraft. This business-to-business portal gets more than 500 million visits per year from thousands of users at companies worldwide.

Aircraft owners and operators-as well as maintenance providers, leasing companies, regulatory agencies, and other third-party service providers, use MyBoeingFleet to order parts, collaborate with Boeing experts, and obtain essential information such as drawings, documentation, manuals, and operational data and procedures.

  • Engineers, maintenance technicians, and mechanics can access and download critical information such as maintenance and service documents, engineering drawings, standards, repair manuals, and component maintenance manuals. Notification services alert customers when new service bulletins and document revisions are published.
  • Pilots and flight operations personnel can access essential certification documentation, operational and safety data, and technical support to assist in the efficient and safe operation of their airplanes. MyBoeingFleet provides direct access to airplane flight manuals, flight crew operations and training manuals, bulletins and dispatch deviation guides, as well as flight planning and performance manuals, software, databases, and information about aircraft operations. In addition, the MyBoeingFleet Flight Operations portal gives customers access to weight and balance manuals; flight operations symposia and conference information; and online enrollment for performance, weight and balance, and fundamental operations training courses.
  • Procurement personnel can access the Boeing PART Page to request price quotes, order parts, track shipments, and view up-to-date part information such as prices, availability, and interchangeability.

Companies or individuals wishing to receive information on obtaining access to MyBoeingFleet should contact their Boeing focal point, or e-mail