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Airplane Health Management

Airplane HealthFaced with a business environment of increasing fuel costs, shrinking profit margins and an exponential increase in airplane operations data, airlines need better solutions to maximize operational efficiency. Boeing Airplane Health Management gives airplane operators the advantage they need to improve profitability and enhance operational performance.

Airplane Health Management uses real-time airplane data to provide enhanced fault forwarding, troubleshooting, and historical maintenance information. This powerful maintenance decision support solution delivers valuable information when and where it's needed, by converting data into useful information to support "fix-or-fly" operations decisions that can make the difference between profit and loss. With access to real-time advanced diagnostics and prognostics to drive predictive maintenance, operators can now identify issues before they become problems – all resulting in reduced schedule interruptions and increased maintenance and operational efficiency.

With its ease of use and almost immediate return on investment, Airplane Health Management has proven to be an indispensable maintenance and operations efficiency tool. In fact, 65 airlines around the globe depend on it. Airplane Health Management provides a competitive advantage that gives airlines an edge on schedule reliability and reduced maintenance costs.

Airplane Health Management is available for all Boeing production aircraft and accessed via

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