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We handle every aspect of an AOG event to get you back in the air quickly.


When your Boeing 7-series or MD-series airplane is disabled, we stand ready to help the customer return it to revenue service, wherever in the world it happens to be, with 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week dispatch availability. We have a long track record of reacting swiftly to any customer need, including an aircraft-disabling incident. We not only work to repair the aircraft to as-new condition as quickly as possible, using Boeing data and expertise, but we also provide total support. We handle diagnosis, repairs, logistics, parts procurement, warranty and certification issues and more. Our goal is to get customers back in the air with as little disruption to their schedules as possible and to streamline communication with all departments of Boeing, as well as with applicable regulatory agencies.

Complete repair support - We provide a detailed repair plan, project schedule and a cost estimate. We determine the best project site and manage project logistics and help customers secure facilities and hangar space. We identify and procure expedited parts, materials and tooling. When work is completed by the same highly skilled workforce that built the airplane, we provide quality and return-to-service documentation for the FAA or other national regulatory agencies. We serve as the entry point to Boeing, working with many different internal organizations to get customers what they need to get back in the air as quickly as possible.

A complete damage survey - Within hours of hearing from the customer, we dispatch a team to conduct a detailed, documented inspection of the damaged airplane and give a full report. It outlines repair methods and in what order the work should be done and identifies needed parts, materials, tooling and documentation, as well as logistics requirements. We work directly with the customer to determine the cost of repairs and other services.

On-site technical assistance - To help customers and third-party labor providers with every aspect of the job of getting airplanes back into service, we provide advisors, engineers and mechanics who are experts in their fields. They will determine what needs to be done and get the process moving forward, including identifying, ordering and tracking parts and providing test equipment and specialized tooling.

Incident repair package - We determine what the customer needs and develop a repair package that includes parts, standards, specialized tooling and all installation drawings to complete the repair. The package is customized, depending on the nature and complexity of the repair.

Airplane recovery - If the customer chooses, we also can assist with airplane recovery. We will go to the airplane, conduct a survey of its condition and location and help with recovery planning and coordination. We can provide recovery tools, such as hoists, slings and fittings, and we will help obtain any needed airworthiness certificates and special flight permits.

We stay with the customer the whole way. - We work with the customer until every aspect of the AOG incident is resolved and all post-delivery issues have been addressed to their satisfaction. That includes our working within Boeing to resolve any warranty issues and ensuring that all repairs incorporate changes from the most recent service bulletins.

Our expertise gives customers an edge. - Because we built the airplane and have access to many Boeing resources, we are able to get disabled airplanes back into operation quickly. Besides our expertise, we also offer our commitment to our customers and our determination to support our airplanes and keep them flying and profitable.

For immediate AOG assistance, contact your local Boeing Field Representative or our Rapid Response Center at: 206-544-7555

To learn more about AOG Operations, contact us at:
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