Integrated Services

Airline Performance Management

Turning airplane data into actionable information

Airline Performance Management

Today’s e-enabled airplanes create significant amounts of operations data.  By offering a robust portfolio of technology solutions to capture, store and manage relevant data and information, Boeing helps airlines transform this data into useful and actionable business intelligence to improve day-to-day operational efficiency and performance.

These innovative and integrated technology solutions include:

Advanced dispatch tools to automate processes for dispatching airplanes and manage dispatch deviations.

Electronic logbooks to replace paper logbooks used by flight, maintenance and cabin crews, automating the collection and storage of operations data and providing increased visibility into overall airplane performance.

Health monitoring – maintenance decision support tools to leverage real-time airplane data, providing enhanced fault forwarding, troubleshooting, and historical maintenance information to reduce schedule interruptions and increase overall maintenance and operational efficiency.

Mobile maintenance applications provide technicians with real-time, mobile access to technical manuals, part numbers, parts inventory availability, maintenance history and other information needed to support time-critical maintenance tasks.

LSAP services to enable and manage secure transfer of loadable software parts from airline ground systems to support today’s information-rich airplanes.

These sophisticated systems of monitoring, collecting and analyzing available airplane data allow an airline –through executive dashboards - to improve its operational performance and reduce delays, cancellations, air turn backs and diversions, maximizing both revenues and the passenger experience.

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