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Digital Airline

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Digital Airline

Boeing believes the future of the aviation industry lies in "the digital airline." To succeed in the marketplace, airlines and their engineering and IT teams must take advantage of the increasing amount of data coming off of airplanes, using advanced analytics and airplane technology to take operational efficiency to the next level. The key to the digital airline is delivering secure, detailed operational and maintenance information to the people who need it most, when they need it most. That means that engineering will share data with IT, but also with the finance, accounting, operational and executive functions. The end result will be airlines that can make the most informed, best possible decisions to maximize their efficiency, profitability and environmental performance.

The digital airline will be:

  • Connected in real time with passengers, maintenance, finance and operations groups, maintenance, repair and overhaul providers and the supply chain, enabling an ever-more-tightly linked airline ecosystem.
  • Networked to their airplane assets through complex onboard and ground systems that generate increasingly richer volumes of data for mining by engineering and IT teams.
  • Software- and data-driven.

Boeing is working every day, across airplane programs and aviation services, to advance its vision to provide operators with an integrated information platform that enables the digital airline and enhances airline performance management. In a world where information is a key enabler of operational efficiencies and network security is vital, the runway ahead has never been more inspiring.

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