Professional Services

Aviation Experts

The Boeing Professional Services team is made up of airline veterans, former airport and aviation supply chain leaders, engineers, managers, aviation consultants, air traffic management authorities and experienced pilots. Leading this experienced and passionate group of professional are:

Bob Muhs - Airline Operations

Bob Muhs

Bob has more than 34 years of commercial aviation experience in running national and international airline operations. Bob collaborates closely with airlines to uncover operational issues and potential opportunities for growth. His multi-faceted background in the aviation industry at all levels of business operations gives him unique insight to accelerate an airline’s business performance - from overarching strategy to detailed tactics.

Bob’s career milestones include the following:

  • Broke two company records for 100% completion days as Vice President of System Operations Control for Northwest Airlines in 2008 and 2009
  • As Managing Director of System Operations Control at Northwest Airlines, was the lead negotiator for the TWU Flight Dispatcher contract. Successfully restructured the contract
  • As Vice President of Flight Operations and System Operations Control for Delta Airlines, successfully managed the transition of Northwest Airlines Flight Operations to Delta Airlines Flight Operations with no impact to operations or budget

Ken Goosen - Maintenance & Engineering

Ken Goosen

Ken has more than 32 years of commercial aviation experience in running maintenance, engineering and operations organizations. Ken works closely with airline maintenance and logistics organizations to streamline business processes, introduce technology and adopt industry leading best practices to improve the performance of technical units. His varied background in all levels of maintenance and operations gives him unique insights to accelerate an airline’s maintenance performance.

Ken’s career milestones include the following:

  • As President of aviation maintenance software company AeroInfo, a Boeing subsidiary, met and exceeded financial targets
  • Expanded AeroInfo’s commercial aviation maintenance software portfolio to military applications, including supporting a large-scale Boeing international defense contract and implementing a supplier quality management system
  • Director of Engineering for five airline mergers
  • Awarded the first “Approved Engineering Organization” designation by Transport Canada under CAR 505
  • Co-inventor of U.S. patent for Airline Methods and Systems for Modeling Processes
  • Board of Directors, Vancouver Airport Authority 

Paul Woods - Information Technology and Cyber Security

Paul Woods

Paul has over 32 years of military and commercial aviation experience in electrical and systems engineering and software development. Paul provides the insight and experience to help airlines integrate and transform their IT, aircraft and software systems for heightened situational awareness and protection against cyber threats.

Paul’s career milestones include the following:

  • Designed military and commercial aircraft electrical systems
  • Developed software for the first comprehensive Boeing electronic flight bag system
  • Developed paperless flight deck solutions for major airlines around the world
  • Pioneered digital pre-assembly, leading to the first entirely computer-designed commercial aircraft, the Boeing 777
  • Helped develop the first end-to-end digital system to produce airplane wire bundles from digital design through fabrication

Blair Nadeau - Airport Operations

Blair Nadeau

Blair has spent more than three decades running all facets of commercial and military airline operations, including flight dispatch, airport operations, reservations, fleet planning, marketing, schedule planning, flight operations and crew management. Blair’s extensive aviation experience gives him the depth and breadth of knowledge to help airports and airlines develop an overarching and integrated framework of operations to identify pivotal areas of change as well as opportunities to improve efficiency.

Blair’s career milestones include the following:

  • Business Development leader at maintenance software company AeroInfo, a Boeing subsidiary, during a 400% growth period
  • Managed operational transition of eight airline mergers, including those at Canadian Airlines/Air Canada, Atlas Air and Polar Air Cargo
  • Implemented information management systems for airline operations control at Canadian Airlines and Atlas Air
  • Chairman of the Professional Advisory Council for Flight Operations at the British Columbian Institute of Technology