Flight Services


Simplifying the business of airplane ownership

GoldCare is a comprehensive recurring fleet maintenance & engineering management service which provides flexible solutions for Material Management, Engineering, and Maintenance Execution.

GoldCare Enterprise simplifies airplane ownership with a more efficient business model that reduces costs and enhances predictability. GoldCare Enterprise is a lifecycle management solution encompassing all of the following services plus Line, Phase and Heavy maintenance.

GoldCare Engineering provides an integrated suite of solutions related to the development and management of a scheduled maintenance program. In addition, GoldCare Maintenance Control Support and Maintenance Planning services establish and manage the Maintenance Plan for each Aircraft, provide Aircraft operations coordination, planning of maintenance, and generation of Maintenance Packages through Boeing's GoldCare Operations Center (GOC).

GoldCare IT Enterprise Suite GoldCare provides 24/7 operational control using e-Enabling technologies to turn airplane data into actionable information. This powerful set of information management technologies, systems, applications, and software creates efficiencies across the airplane, fleet, business, and enterprise. These technologies are integrated to create the GoldCare IT Enterprise Suite.

GoldCare Material Management is an integrated parts and material services solution related to management of Program Parts in support of each Customer's Aircraft. GoldCare Material Management includes services for Expendable Parts materials management and Rotable Parts materials management. GoldCare Material Management provides OEM parts to support each Customer's Aircraft maintenance activities. GoldCare Material Management is also responsible for supply chain and inventory management, initial provisioning, planning and procurement, logistics, part repair or overhaul, AD incorporation, SB incorporation, warranty administration and reliability monitoring of Program Parts.

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