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Performance-based Navigation

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Performance-based Navigation

Boeing has pioneered PBN, the advanced air navigation framework on which the future global ATM system will rely. Combining satellite-based navigation with modern aircraft capabilities and other advancements, PBN uses air navigation technologies that include required navigation performance (RNP), the most precise of all flight guidance.

Airlines today use PBN in all parts of the world and all phases of flight. They know it delivers real-world operational benefits that include:

  • Enhanced safety - PBN flight guidance is more accurate, robust, stabilized and repeatable.
  • Reduced environmental impact - PBN saves fuel, reduces emissions and provides greater flexibility to avoid noise-sensitive areas surrounding busy airports.
  • Increased profitability - PBN improves the bottom line by reducing per-flight fuel consumption and systemic air traffic control (ATC) flight delays and by supporting instrument landings to lower minimums for fewer weather-related diversions.
  • Increased efficiency - PBN makes flying more direct for shorter flight times and tighter schedule compliance.
  • Increased flexibility - PBN increases airport accessibility and supports other operational solutions that traditional ATC cannot.
  • Increased system capacity - PBN lets more aircraft operate within a given airspace with equivalent or greater safety.

PBN enables satellite-based precision landing capabilities and advanced fuel-saving flight operations, such as the Boeing Tailored Arrivals concept. In the future, PBN will enable 4D flight guidance (three spatial dimensions, plus time) of end-state ATM, whereby the airplans time of arrival at each waypoint along its flight path is dynamically controlled.

A Spectrum of PBN Services and Support

The steps to RNP implementation are straightforward with Boeing and Jeppesen on your team. We offer comprehensive PBN project oversight with a complete suite of products and services. These products and services include developing your PBN roadmap document, designing optimized RNP flight procedures, assisting with your RNP AR operational approval, providing regulator-approved RNP AR training and RNP equipment upgrades and coordinating with all regulatory authorities.

We offer the following PBN products and services:

  • PBN roadmap, in accordance with ICAO mandate.
  • RNP AR application development.
  • PBN instrument flight procedure design and implementation.
  • RNP AR flight crew and dispatcher training.
  • RNP AR equipment upgrades.
  • RNP navigation database validation.
  • RNP availability prediction.
  • Regulator, ATC and ANSP coordination.
  • PBN flight operational safety assessment (FOSA).
  • PBN and RNP consulting.

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