Professional Services

Practice Areas

Boeing Professional Services operates in four practice areas.

Airline Operations

airline operations

Through its performance assessments and diagnostics, Boeing can help customers identify relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and benchmark their business operations against industry best practices to strategically leverage their strengths and close performance gaps. Boeing Professional Services experts help identify, implement and sustain new business processes in the following areas to meet their strategic and operational goals:

  • Fuel efficiency
  • Systems operations control
  • Delay and disruption recovery
  • Station operations
  • ETOPS support


Maintenance and Engineering

maintenance and engineering

Aircraft generate returns when they fly, not when they sit idle. The Boeing Professional Services team will go to any location around the world to help customers immediately diagnose systemic problems with maintenance, engineering, servicing, planning and logistics support. Boeing can quickly pinpoint root causes of problems and make the changes needed to fix aircraft issues, improve the dependability of the fleet, and support the airline fleet plan. Boeing offers the following maintenance and engineering services:

  • Optimized Maintenance Program (OMP) and Statistical Analysis for Scheduled Maintenance Optimization (SASMO)
  • Reliability programs
  • Lean maintenance and best practices
  • Parts inventory and logistics
  • Facility and warehouse design


Information Technology and Cyber Security

The increase in airplane and airline connectivity capabilities and use of onboard information technology (IT) have transformed IT departments from support departments to critical enablers for business success. Relentless cost pressures are driving airlines to leverage “big” data and analytics to respond to increasing fuel prices, maintenance challenges and security risks. Boeing’s team of consultants has the expertise and extensive knowledge of IT and cyber security to accelerate airline growth through strategic IT investments. Among the Boeing IT and cyber security services are the following:

  • Mobility and cloud solutions
  • e-Enabling strategies and implementation
  • Network security
  • Aircraft connectivity

airport runway


Airport Operations

Armed with decades of experience and knowledge in airport, aircraft and airspace, Boeing Professional Services consultants provide guidance and unique strategic insight into designing and operating highly efficient airports to best support existing and new generation of aircraft. These professionals leverage the best of Boeing in the following areas to help customers identify what might be holding them back:

  • Runway configuration and expansion
  • Operations improvement
  • Airline integration
  • Terminal airspace design
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Air service marketing