Material Services

Integrated Materials Management

Simplify the supply chain with Boeing Integrated Materials Management

Boeing Integrated Materials Management (IMM) is a supply chain service that links a customer's systems and processes with Boeing and its suppliers.

The results are a better service level for parts, more reliability for customer maintenance operations, and improved business performance for network suppliers. IMM also offers reduced cost for parts, inventory holding, and logistics.

Integrated Materials Management provides the flexibility to cover expendable and/or rotable parts for the entire fleet of Boeing airplanes.

Boeing guarantees service levels to ensure that our customers have the part when it is needed. This in turn allows the customer to reduce buffer stock.

Part of our commitment is to stock parts at the customer's location so that they are there when needed. The customer pays only when the parts are used.

IMM also supports AOG and expedited requirements at no additional cost. Our top priority is to support the customer's business.

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