World air cargo traffic growth detail

International air freight will drive overall world air cargo growth through 2033.

Over the next 20 years, world air cargo traffic will grow 4.7% per year. Air freight, including express traffic, will average 4.8% annual growth, measured in RTKs. Airmail traffic will grow much more slowly, averaging 1.0% annual growth through 2033. Overall, world air cargo traffic will increase from 207.8 billion RTKs in 2013 to 521.8 billion in 2033.

Asia will continue to lead the world in average annual air cargo growth, with domestic China and intra-Asia markets expanding 6.7% and 6.5% per year, respectively. The Asia-North America and Europe-Asia markets will grow slightly faster than the world average growth rate. Latin America markets with North America and with Europe will grow at approximately the world average growth rate, as will Middle East markets with Europe. Established markets grow more slowly than developing markets, so North America and Europe air cargo growth rates are below the world average rate.