Intellectual Property Management

License Definitions

Improved Operational Capabilities (IOC):

Usage and Access: The IOC license grants use of Boeing proprietary information to design and/or install modifications. Engineering products and services, including engineering analysis and other technical data, may be obtained through our Technical Services and Modifications group using the Technical Consulting Agreement.
Insurance: A minimum of $200 million of Single Occurrence Aviation or Airline liability insurance is required.
Use Fee: A "Value-Based Use Fee" will be established based on your project requirements. Consulting service fees for engineering expertise are billed separately.
Limitations: Manufacture and distribution of Boeing Proprietary parts are not allowed.

Subject to change without notice.

IOC Frequently Asked Questions:

How is Boeing going to calculate "Value-Based Use Fees"?

"Value-Based Use Fees" will be developed for a proposal based on the type of modification being performed, the number of airplanes affected, the value to market and similar factors.

Can the information provided under the IOC be used to modify airplanes not initially included in the license?

With concurrence from Boeing Commercial Airplanes-IPM, the IOC license may be amended to include additional airplanes and other models when necessary to support business plans of the licensee.

Will Boeing provide fundamental design information such as stress and load data to support the licensee when engineering a modification?

Boeing considers this type of information to be highly sensitive and does not license such data. However, Boeing's Technical Services group will, upon request, propose a consulting agreement providing analysis of the information to support the modification program once the IOC license is in place.

Can the IOC licensee provide Boeing Proprietary information to its subcontractors and suppliers?

Boeing Proprietary information may be provided to the licensee's subcontractors and suppliers in support of the airplane modification. However, subcontractors and suppliers must sign a Contractor Confidentiality Agreement (CCA) before the transfer of any Boeing Proprietary information.

Who needs to obtain an IOC modification license?

Anyone who requests information directly from Boeing will be required to sign a license agreement. In most cases the licensee will be the organization responsible for engineering the modification and obtaining certification from local regulatory authorities.