MD-11 Convertible Freighter Background

The MD-11 Convertible Freighter introduces new versatility to long-haul commercial operators. It is the only airliner in its class designed specifically to provide airlines with the ability to operate in all-passenger or all-freighter configurations.

This conversion capability allows operators to adapt readily to seasonal needs, such as flying passengers in the summer and freight in the winter. Also, it provides them with the capability to respond quickly to airlift requirements resulting from unique world events. Features built into the aircraft allow the operator to convert from passenger to freighter configuration in two days, and from freighter to passenger in three days.

In the freighter mode, the MD-11CF can carry 197,400 pounds (89,540 kg) of cargo up to 5,235 statute miles (8,415 km). The upper deck has 14,480 cubic feet (410 m3) of space available for all sizes of cargo, based on 96-inch (244-cm) pallets. Another 5,566 cubic feet (158 m3) is available on the lower deck of container and bulk cargo space for a total of more than 20,000 cubic feet (566 m3).

With the large forward cargo door measuring 140 by 102 inches (355.6 by 259 cm), the MD-11CF has the flexibility to load either 88- or 96- by 125-inch (224- or 244- by 318-cm) pallets. The stack height is 91.7 inches (233 cm). The main deck has space for 26 pallets or containers, while the lower deck has room for another 10 pallets or 32 containers.