MD-11 Freighter Background

The MD-11 Freighter design is based on the extensive knowledge gained from experience designing and producing the DC-8, DC-10 and KC-10 freighter. The airplane is part of the advanced MD-11 wide-cabin, three-engine jetliner family produced by the Long Beach Division of Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

MD-11 Freighter advantages include low cost of acquisition, extended intercontinental nonstop range, lower fuel burn per trip, unrestricted over-water operation, and up to 44 percent more below-deck revenue pallet or container cargo capacity.

In addition to modern aerodynamics, cockpit and power plants, the MD-11 freighter offers higher take-off weights, permitting increased cargo payload.

The all-cargo MD-11F provides the capacity for 202,100-pound (91,670 kilograms) gross payloads and has a 98.25-inch (249.5 centimeters) maximum stack height. Located in the forward fuselage, the MD-11 cargo door is 140 inches (356 centimeters) wide by 102 inches (259 centimeters) high.

The freighter's main cabin will hold up to 15,530 cubic feet (440 cubic meters) of palletized cargo. Its lower compartments will hold an additional 5,566 cubic feet (158 cubic meters) of containerized or bulk cargo. All standard industry containers can be accommodated side-by-side in the lower deck.