Airport Noise and Emissions Regulations

Airport Information Updates

Updates 2002

12/06/02 New Noise Surcharge at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

A noise surcharge for night time departures (2300 - 0600 LMT) with turbojet aircraft will be applied, starting January 1st 2003. The charge is calculated according to the aircraft's certificated noise level (in accordance with ICAO Annex 16 Vol I part II chapter 3 or FAR Part 36 stage 3). Aircraft which are unable to show a noise certificate according to the above mentioned document will be charged at the highest noise rate of the same aircraft type.

Charges less than 6.60 EUR will not be billed. Charge for one takeoff is:

Charge = Cd * 10 ^ [(Ld-Td)/10]

Unit rate, Cd = 6.60 EUR

Ld = mean of the sideline and take-off noise levels of the aircraft

Minimum threshold at departure, Td = 86 EPNdB.

11/04/02 Noise Surcharge information has been updated for the following airports:
Alghero Fertilla Airport
Bologna G. Marconi Airport
Bordeaux Airport Airport
Bremen-Neueland Airport
Bromma Airport
Cayenne-Rochambeau Airport
Clemente Panero Airport
Cote D'Azur Airport
Cuneo Airport
Charles de Gaulle Airport
Dresden Airport
Dusseldorf Airport
Erfurt Airport
Fiumicino Airport
Fort de France Airport
Hamburg Airport
Hannover Airport
Koln-Bonn (Cologne-Bonn)Airport)
Lampedusa Airport
Landvetter Airport
Le Bourget Airport
Lepizig Airport
Lille Airport
Linate Airport
Lyon-Satolas Airport
Malpensa Airport
Venice Marco Polo Airport
Marseille-Provence Airport
Montpellier Airport
Munich Airport
Munster Airport
Nantes Atlantique Airport
Naples Airport
Orly Airport
Tahiti-Faa'a Airport
Pisa Galileo Galilei Airport
Pointe-A-Pitre Airport
Pontoise Airport
Schiphol Airport
Schonefeld Airport
Stockholm Airport
Strasbourg Airport
Stuttgart Airport
Tegel Airport
Tempelhof Airport
Toulouse Airport
Turin Airport

10/31/02 Frankfurt Airport - New Noise Surcharges including an additional charge for the Passive Noise Abatement Program that will go into effect November 1, 2002.

10/28/02 Strasbourg Airport - added noise monitoring information

10/14/02 Links to the FAA Airport Diagrams have been added for each U.S. airport where available. The link appears after the Runway Information section.

10/01/02 Latest Notam (Noise Restrictions) for Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted Airports

10/01/02 East Midlands Airport (UK) - Information updated by the airport which includes new operation restrictions and noise surcharges. See items 14 and 15 under noise abatement procedures.

9/25/02 Bucharest Otopeni International Airport - Romania has restricted the civil passenger aircraft categorized as Stage2/Chapter 2 ICAO, Annex 16, since 1 April 2002 in accordance with the Order of the Minister of Transports - RACR - PM no. 9/22 May 2000. Chapter 2 cargo aircraft may operate from Otopeni Airport between 06.00 and 22.00 LT in accordance with the Order of the Minister of Transports no. 761/16 May 2002 for approving the derogation from the Order of Ministry of Transports no. 9/2000.

9/24/02 Updates received for the following airports:
Aeroporto International de Belem
Altoona-Blair County Airport
Austin Straubel Airport (Green Bay)
Austin Bergstrom International Airport
Barnes Municipal (Westfield) Airport
Bermuda International Airport
Billund Airport
Binghamton Regional Airport (Link Field)
Blue Grass (Lexington) Airport
Bologna G. Marconi Airport
Bournemouth Airport
Bourgas Airport
Bremen-Neueland Airport
Brownsville-South Padre Island International Airport

9/23/02 Anchorage International Airport - The airport has purchased an ANOMS noise and operations monitoring system from Lochard Corporation. The systems will consist of 12 digital monitoring units and will be used to monitor aircraft noise exposure in the communities around the airport and evaluate noise abatement procedutes and runway usage.

9/23/02 San Francisco International Airport - The airport announced that it will be upgrading their noise monitoring system early in 2003. The new digital system will consist of 36 monitoring stations. In addition, the new system will allow noise levels to be tied to specific operations through radar data.

7/18/02 Nantucket Memorial Airport - New APU restrictions.

7/9/02 Noise Surcharge Updates for the following airports:
Innsbruck, Flagenfurt, Salzburg, Brussels, Antwerpen, Cannes, Charles de Gaulle Orly, Cayenne, Stuttgart, Point de Pitre, Fort de France and Rotterdam

7/3/02 Toronto International - Updated Nighttime Operating Restrictions

5/31/02 Sofia Airport - Added curfew, engine run-up restrictions

5/31/02 Denver International - New Preferential Runway Regulation

4/12/02 Brisbane International - Updates received for runways, noise monitors and airport contacts

4/11/02 Bucharest-Otopeni - Updates received for noise abatement procedures, airport curfews, preferential runways, operating quota and noise monitoring system.

3/14/02 The following information was received from these airports
Bradley International - Weekday Departure Count by Aircraft Type Updated
Bournemouth International - Airport contact and Stage 2 phase out information updated
Boire Fiels/Nashua Municipal Airport - Information confirmed as correct by the airport
Baltimore/Washington International - Airport contact, runway restrictions and monitor information updated

3/13/02 The following information was received from these airports
Bern-Belp - Airport contacts updated
Boise Airport - Information confirmed as correct by the airport
Bangor International - Information confirmed as correct by the airport
Bishop International - Airport contact updated
Biarritz-Bayonne Anglet Airport - Information confirmed as correct by the airport
Ben Gurion International Airport - New noise monitors and locations added
Biggin Hill Airport - Airport contact updated
Amarillo International - Airport contact and runway information updated
Bismarck Municipal Airport - Airport contact and elevation updated
Bethel - Hours of operation and runway information updated
Binghamton Regional Airport - Runway and engine run-up information updated
Belfast International - Curfew, Chapter2 & 3 restrictions updated

3/12/02 Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted Current Notam Supplement S 5/2002 15 February

3/11/02 The following information was received from these airports
Adelaide Airport - Airport contacts updated
Antwerpen - Preferential runway information was added
Augsburg - New Noise Surcharge System

3/8/02 Noise Monitor Locations - Updated for Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted

3/8/02 The following information was received from these airports
Aalborg Airport - Runway information updated
Aberdeen Airport- Managing Director and curfew information updated
Adelaide Airport - New Environmental Manager
Airborne Airpark Airport - Information confirmed as correct
Akron Fulton Airport - Updates to runway information
Albuquerque International Sunport - Noise Abatement Procedures updated
Austin Straubel Airport - Airport contact information updated
Hamburg Airport - Added a map that shows the location of the noise monitors

2/26/02 New Noise Charges at Hamburg Airport

2/12/02 New Noise Charges at Frankfurt Airport

2/11/02 Van Nuys Airport - Locations of the noise monitoring system was added to the airport information.

2/04/02 A Noise Surcharge (Noise Pollution Environmental Tax) is applied per landing and take-off at all Major Airports in Italy. Listed below are the "Major Airports" as reported in the IATA Airport and Air Navigation Charges Manual. Airports highlighted below are on this web site and contain the detailed information about the noise surcharge.

Clemente Panero
Lamezia Terme
Milano Linate
Milano Malpensa
Reggio Calabria
Roma Ciampino
Roma Fiumicino
Roma Urbe
Ronchi Dei Legionari
Venica (Marco Polo)
Verona Boscomantic

1/25/02 Hayward Executive Airport announced that they have selected the Lochard Corp. ANOMS system for their noise management system. The system will be operational within the next 60 days.

1/07/02 New FAA Advisory Circular AC36-1H